Thursday, 3 December 2009

Climate change is real but it's still not easy being green

Our world and climate is changing whether we like it or not. Scientists and politicians are battling with the rest of world trying to persuade them to change their ways. We still don't seem to be paying enough attention to the fact that if we don't do something now, we will destroy our planet.

But the most pervasive problem is less tangible: our own behaviour. We get distracted before we can turn down the heating.We break our promise not to fly after hearing about a neighbour’s jaunt to India. Ultimately, we can’t be bothered to change our attitude. Fortunately for the planet, social science and behavioural economics may be able to do that for us. Despite mournful polar bears and charts showing carbon emissions soaring, most people find it hard to believe that global warming will affect them personally. Recent polls by the Pew Research Centre in Washington, DC, found that 75-80 per cent of participants regarded climate change as an important issue. But respondents ranked it last on a list of priorities.

We are constantly surrounded by reminders that we must change our ways, but still no-one seems to be bothered. It seems that people won't seem to react to global warming until it is literally sitting on there doorstep in which case it will be too late. I feel passionate about recycling because it is such a small thing but it has a massive effect. I hate seeing the adverts on the tv about the polar ice caps melting and all of the polar bears dying because it is simply unnecessary. Simple things such as turning the water off when your brushing your teeth or switching the light off when you leave a room, these are precautions that we could all do help. If people took a minute to think about there actions before they threw into the earth unneccsary rubbish then we myt be able to prolong the life and quality of our planet by a significant amount.

We as human beings all seem to be guilty of not caring enough about our planet because everyones attitude is that someone else will fix it.

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