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Bibliography, Assignment 3

BARABASI, Albert-Laszlo.2003."Linked: how everything is connected to everything else and what it means for business, science, and everyday life"

Looks into the social aspects of the internet and social networking sites.

CARTER, Clint.August 2006. "Littles big move", Journal Article.

An interview with UK footwear designer Tim Little, who started his own label in 1996. Discusses challenges in setting trends.

CHIU, MM.2000."Group problem-solving processes: Social interactions and individual actions".

To help consider why some groups solve problems successfully but others do not, this article introduces a framework for analyzing sequences of group members actions.

HOWARD, Judith A.2000. "Social Psychology of Identities"

Review the social psychological underpinnings of identity, emphasizing social cognitive and symbolic interactionist perspectives and research, and I turn then to key themes of current work on identity-social psychological, sociological, and interdisciplinary.

KATZ, Rayna. 2006. "Call on the Mavens",

The article provides information on Mavens Network, a partnership established by planner industry leaders that aims to offer education to meeting planners.

KURTZ, PD.1998."A case study of a network as a learning organization".

Looks at how people are connected to others through networks composed of family, friends, colleagues, and organizations. No doubt everyone involved in the field of social work is a part of many networks.

RHEINGOLD, Howard. 2000. "The virtual community: homesteading on the electronic frontier",

Looks at the social aspect of the internet and how different people use to to communicate for different things such as people who talk, argue, seek information, fall in love, and organise politically. In this book he tells moving stories about people who have received online support during devastating illnesses, and he also acknowledges a darker side to people's behaviour in cyberspace.

SWEED, Phyllis. January 1997. "Who sets trends",

Focuses on the profiles of people who influence trends in the retail industry.

YANG, HH, LAI, YH, CHEN, SF WANG, MH, 2009. "Propensity to Connect with Others, Social Networks and Job Satisfaction of Nurses",

Looks at the relationship between social networks and job satisfaction. Social networks serve as a social resource which affects job satisfaction through the provision of supportiveness.

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