Monday, 30 November 2009

Frank Gehry

In every project that I have done so far, there is not one that Frank Gehrys work does not help to inspire me with. His designs are always extravagent, unique and very modern and these are reasons that I like his work so much. All his designs seem to have that unique Gehry look about them, however they are all still different from one another.

Although I do love Gehry's quirky and brave designs which stand out from the crowd, I don't think that he takes into consideration the aspect of materials, time, practibility, and sustainability. In my opinion these are all very important factors to consider when we are designing in today's world and our current economic climate.

I really liked this chair by Frank Gehry because it is so simple but is also very modern, different and practical.

Gehry is well known for his use of unusual materials. With his "Easy Edges" furniture he succeeded in giving a new aesthetic dimension to such an everyday material as cardboard. Despite their appearing bafflingly simple, the "Easy Edges” are nonetheless constructed with an architect's care and are extremely robust and sturdy. Having given them a makeover from the world of colour, Gehry has given the "Easy Edges" a new dimension - colourfulness.

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  1. Gehry is original and definitely willing to see different frontiers in architecture. His work inspires me on all levels.
    Of course we can go back to practicality whenever that was. I suppose the Bauhaus was a time of clean practical design, which I also find inspiring.
    It is like choosing between Robert Bateman and Picasso. That is a terrible dilemma to choose between.
    Enjoy the ride!