Monday, 30 November 2009

SBID Meeting

A few weeks ago the Interior & Environmental Design department attended a meeting with Simon Cavelle, the vice chair of The Society of British Interior Design. Simon basically introduced us to the organisation encouraged us to become members of it, and answered any of our questions about it. It is a huge advantage for us interior design students to be part of this body as being a member involves networking with other Interior design students, and seeing what other people who are going down the same career path as ourselfs are doing. I think that it's so good that interior designer's finally have their own organisation because we don't feel that "interior design" as a whole gets the recognition it deserves. I will definately be joining this organisation because I think that I would be stupid not to and its going to be hugely beneficial to us. Our job is not all about scatter cushions and colours of wallpaper, and this is a huge misconception that people have about Interior designers. This is something that I feel very passionate about because it angers me so much when someone asks what i'm studying at university and I reply "Interior and Environmental Design" and the response I get is always the same. Everyone thinks that it is not a "real" subject and that all we do is arty doodles and pick out wallpaper and cushions when infact our course covers most aspects of design, and this is why I love our course and what I'm studying so much because once we have our degrees we will be capable of designing anything that we put our mind to, from lampshades to complicated architecture projects. After talking to one of the fourth years one day in the studio it made me reconsider our title as Interior Designers as he now prefers the title "An Interior and Exterior Designer" and this I think sums up exactly what our role is.

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